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The Legend of Zelda

The Zelda hentai series is a popular anime porn series based on the video game franchise The Legend of Zelda. Just like the original game series that rose to stratospheric success since it originally released in the 1980s, the hentai series has also found numerous takers since it first hit the market. In this hentai series, we can see the various characters, namely, Zelda, Link, Ganondorf and Dark Link has sex among themselves in various striking positions and carrying out different kinds of sexual paraphilia and fetishes.

Style of artwork in Zelda series

Both critics as well as fans have praised the excellent artwork of the Zelda hentai series. One of the most interesting features of this series is that the readers get to enjoy the artwork present in Zelda hentai comics in a wide range of different styles. Such variations actually make reading the stories even more interesting. While the original game was a highly action packed one, the hentai series has kept the action alive but has added further subplots within the series so as to make way for sexually explicit situations. While some of the sexual imagery depicted in Zelda is really sweet, there are also others that are downright provocative and perverse.

Sexual themes in Zelda series

While the artwork themselves make liberal use of light and shadow elements, one can also find interesting color undertones in some of the Zelda hentai comics. For example, sepia is a shade that is used in one particular comic book. As the original gaming lore of Zelda often added mythological lore into its storyline, one can find elements of tentacle sex in this hentai series. There are also numerous other forms of sexual fetishes that characterize these comics. Some of the most common ones are anal sex, bondage, BDSM, rape, cunnilingus, blowjob, yaoi, impregnation, defloration, fingering, guro, mind break, ahegao, bestiality, slave, pregnant, shota, loli, gender bender, masturbation, torture, licking, oral, x-ray, exhibitionism, elf, dirty old man, maledom, stomach bulge, piercings, monster, breast sucking, happy sex, squirting, vore, pubic hair and symbol shaped pupils.

The Zelda hentai series, much like its original gaming counterparts, has a sheer dynamism and mythological feel that can be easily noticed in the hentai comics as well. It is these elements that create the distinct appeal of the Zelda hentai comics. In the midst of numerous anime porn comics and magazines, it is these aspects that give Zelda its very own identity. Men who have a yearning to enjoy pornographic material that is set in a mythological ambience often consider Zelda as their favorite, not only because of the stunning visuals that comes with Zelda comics but also for their ability to keep their readers entertained for hours.

The popularity of Zelda hentai comics has certainly impacted the hentai market in a grand way. Considered by many as one of the most influential hentai series, the Zelda hentai comics are now available for free download from our website at Simply Hentai. One of the most formidable names in the field of online hentai, Simply Hentai has a large collection of Zelda hentai comics that defy all limits of perversion to provide readers with great sexual entertainment.


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